Diagnosing Your Pet’s Skin Problems

Our furry friends add such pleasure to our lives in so many ways. Caring for them is not a chore, it is something pet owners do out of love for their four-legged family members. When our pets are struggling with a health problem we want to help find relief quickly just the same as if it was us or one of our children. One of the most common afflictions that pets face is skin issues. There are steps that pet owners can take to determine the likely cause of the irritation and then begin treatment.

Identifying Symptoms

The first step is to observe your pet in their normal activities. Do they bite themselves, itch constantly, rub against things, or seem to direct their attention at a particular part of their body? The answer to these questions helps pet owners and vets learn what the cause of the discomfort is. Additionally, look over their body and see if there are any red spots, open wounds, or fleas.


If pests are found then the treatment is clear. Begin with a thorough flea bath followed by combing through their fur and apply flea medicine. Also, wash any bedding that they use with hot water. Red spots, called hot spots, are a result of a dog constantly licking and biting the same area causing an open sore that won’t heal. A veterinarian chandler az can prescribe hydrocortisone cream or spray to encourage the would heal. A cone may be required to keep the pet from messing with the wound while it is healing.

Other unexplained itchiness can be the result of an allergy. To test the theory at home change out the pet’s regular kibble for wheat-free or grain-free options. Do this for two weeks and see if there is an improvement. If there is then switch to completely grain-free and the positive improvements will continue. Don’t forget to double check labels on cat and dog snacks as well because they often have grains in them too which will irritate your pet even when the main food is changed. Also be sure that they are not getting any table scraps unless it is only meat for the same reason.

Seeking Help

Sometimes even after all that you try to help your pet they still need help. That is why you have your trusted vet available to step in and care for your pet. They will discover the cause of the discomfort and prescribe treatment. Your pet will thank you by not itching anymore, or more than normal that is.

Helping your pet to look and feel their best is always a top priority for pet owners. Diagnosing pet skin problems can be done at home at times. Fleas, hot spots, and allergies are often the culprits. They can be treated at home or by a vet. Problems that have not improved should definitely seek veterinary advice as it could mean a different issue and treatment are necessary.

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