When to Use A Pet Helpline

It might not always be easy to know when you should be concerned with the health of your pet. Is it ok for your dog to eat that? Why is the cat staring at the wall? A vet hotline is a good place to call to ask any health or behavioral questions. It could save you from making an unnecessary trip to the vet. Most Vet hotlines are available 24 hours a day. They staffed with educated veterinarians that can answer questions about dogs, cats, and exotic animals. You may still wonder when should I call the hotline, and when should I just rush my pet to the vet.

Common Pet Concerns

If your pet has ingested something and you are unsure if it will harm them such as human food, outside items or pieces of their chew toy then call and talk to a vet. It is also a good idea to call the hotline if you are afraid that your pet has come in contact with harmful substances such as cleaning products and harmful plants.

Some behavioral issues that might require a call to a vet are if there is any change in the pets energy levels. A pet might be less willing to exercise or play. The pet starts showing signs of fear and anxiety that have not been there before. Other behavioral warning signs are if the pet is if the pet is acting confused or changes to the way they sound. You can also call a vet hotline to help you with pet training concerns such as how to best get a dog to walk on a leash or teach it to stay.

Physical changes that could cause concern include if the pet is coughing or sneezing. If there is swelling in an area on the pet because of a bite or sting, then it might be good to call. Other physical signs include changes to the look of their coat, changes to weight, or if you smell a bad odor coming from them.

Pet Emergencies

There are some instances when it is better to just go to the vet than call a vet hotline. If the pet has been vomiting or having diarrhea for more than 24 hours, it is better to just take them to the vet. Any sign that the pet is in a lot of pain including possible broken bones is an emergency. Signs of pain in a pet could include shaking, excessive whining, and refusing to socialize. If the pet is bleeding from the nose, eyes, and mouth, then take them directly to the vet. Take them directly to the vet if they are having a seizure, trouble breathing, problems standing, or you are having trouble waking the pet up.

Another pet emergency is if you have a pregnant pet that is struggling to have their babies. A pregnant animal may be struggling if it takes three to four hours between delivering their babies. If you are really concerned about your pet, it never hurts to call or take them directly to the vet.

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