Matt Davies Harmony Communities Considers Ways to Pick a Groomer for Your Pet

According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, pets are a valuable part of the family. That’s why they need to be groomed regularly to keep them healthy and looking great. However, choosing the right pet groomer may seem challenging. Let’s fix that and figure out how you can pick the right groomer for your pet.

The Considerations

  1. Ask friends, family, vets, and colleagues for recommendations – Every time a dog or cat walks out from a pet grooming facility, it is a walking advertisement for the next few weeks for that pet groomer. So, asking around may let you pick the best pet groomer for your cat or dog. Talk to your kennel manager, veterinarian, neighbors, friends, and family about awesome-looking pets they have encountered recently. If they are pet owners, you can get first-hand opinions about the petty groomers they have worked with.

Someone may also recommend you a good pet groomer if you keep a watchful eye when you’re outside. When you’re out on the street or the park and see a dog or cat that has good style and has been groomed recently, don’t be afraid to go up to the pet owners. While you’re talking to vets about groomer recommendations, be specific. Ask them if they have treated problems like clipper abrasions or cuts from that groomer.

  1. Interview potential groomers and ask for certifications – When you’ve gathered a list of pet groomers, it’s time to talk to them and get a sneaky interview. Be specific about your queries. Ask if they went to grooming school or apprenticed with a professional groomer. Ask about their experience in grooming and with the specific breed of your pet. Some breeds have specific needs.

For instance, poodles require a non-standard clip for putting their feet on the cocker. Ask about the specifics you want to know. Enquire about national and state-level pet grooming associations and ask if the groomer is part of any such organization. Don’t be shy when enquiring about certifications and credentials. Some states like New York require groomers to be certified and licensed.

  1. Be patient and trust your intuition – Reputed groomers are usually very busy. If you’re able to pick the right groomer, he or she is going to have a very tight schedule. Ask them if they will be able to call you back to answer your questions.

If they agree to call you back later, you can use that time to check out their business listing online and browse through the reviews and ratings. You may be able to get answers to most of your questions there. It’s important to trust your intuition and go with the groomer that gives you good vibes and builds a good rapport with you.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you choose a groomer that has the necessary qualifications, credentials, and experience to care for your pet. Good pet groomers build a reputation for themselves and should be able to put your pet at ease while washing the fur and shaving the nails.

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