How to Measure Blood Glucose in a cat at Home

Testing your diabetic cat’s blood glucose is more accurate and cheaper than doing it at a veterinary clinic, and it is not at all difficult! Below is a quick guide to easy at-home blood glucose checks for your diabetic cat.

Vaseline: Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly / Vaseline to the outer surface (1/4 to 1/2 inch, or 0.5 to 1 cm), of the ear flap (margin) or to the hairy side directly where the needle or lancet is used. This thin film will cause the blood to bead on the surface of the skin, making it easier to collect.

AlphaTRAK Glucometer: Testing has shown that veterinary glucose meters such as AlphaTrak are much more effective to calculate cat and dog blood glucose (sugar) levels than blood glucose meters designed for human blood.

The AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit is reliable, simple to use test kit that is designed specifically for dogs and cats. You can measure your pet’s blood glucose easily at your home or you may use the same precise tool your doctor uses at the clinic. So, all you need is the Gluco-meter Kit to track your pet’s blood glucose at home. You need to follow the few simple steps below to check your cat’s glucose levels:

Step 1: Get a blood sample – The AlphaTRAK 2 test strip needs just a slight drop of blood.

Step 2: Record the readings.

Step 3: Record the results and report them to your vet.

AlphaTRAK Test strips: Diabetes test strips are a simple way to check the blood sugar and glucose levels. Strips work with glucose meters to “monitor” the blood sugar levels. These test strips are precise, easy to use and yield reliable results in seconds. These strips are placed inside the glucometer and then the blood is touched it with the edge of the test strip.

AlphaTRAK Lancet Device: This lancing device is a simple and effective way to get a drop of capillary blood for testing. The lancet needle is used to poke a small hole in the skin of a cat’s ear for a blood sample to check blood glucose levels. These lancet needles are generally disposable as reusing needles increases the risk of HBV infection as well as other blood-borne illnesses.

Most cats will tolerate this very well but for the difficult cats you have to visit your veterinarian and have the problem sorted out because a diabetic cat usually needs to have their glucose levels checked 3-4 times a day.

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