How to Form a Strong Bond with Your Bunny Rabbits

Rabbits are perhaps the most misunderstood pet in the world, and for people who have never shared their home with a pair of binkying bunnies, they are quiet, nervous, and perhaps even uninteresting pets.

However, once you are a bunny owner yourself, you enter a secret world whereby you have access to their beautiful personality, inquisitive nature, and, in the case of the majority of bunny rabbits, their naughty and mischievous nature.

To fully appreciate the character of a rabbit, you need to win their trust and love, so, with that being said, continue reading to learn how to form a strong and loving bond with your rabbits.

Spend Time on the Floor!

Rabbits are prey animals, and even if you have had your bunnies since they were tiny kittens, their natural instinct is to stay as close to the ground as possible. Furthermore, it is perfectly possible that, even when you form the closest connection with your rabbit, they will still absolutely detest being picked up for a cuddle.

This is why one of the best ways to bond with your bunnies is to literally get down to their level and lie on the floor near them. Rabbits are even more curious than cats, and their natural curiosity will drive them to come and investigate you, even if this takes ten minutes or more.

Do What is Best for Them

Just like a child, when you do not give your rabbits what they want, such as an extra slice of apple or another baby carrot, they are likely to play up and either cause havoc by chewing on the nearest table leg or urinate right in front of you in protest.

However, a rabbit’s weight is directly connected to their physical health and wellbeing and as such, you should never overfeed your rabbit. As long as they have constant access to fresh and good quality hay and copious bowls full to the brim with fresh water, they have enough to live a long and happy life and do not need that extra bowl of nuggets or bag of kale.

Additionally, as rabbits’ stomachs are so complicated and sensitive, you should always take them to your vet, ideally, one who is experienced in dealing with rabbits, such as Easy Vet, immediately should you suspect something is wrong.

Inevitably, even if your rabbit has to stay overnight while they receive treatment, they will always recognize that you are looking after them and love you even more when they are feeling better again.

Play with Them

Another misconception about bunny rabbits that people who have never shared their home with them hold is that, unlike cats and dogs, you can neither train them nor indeed play with them. In reality, however, this is entirely false.

There are a myriad of different styles and types of rabbit-specific toys available from respected pet stores and online suppliers, which are designed to engage and emotionally stimulate rabbits and other small animals. The more you play with your bunny rabbits and the more toys you provide for them, the closer your connection and bond will be, and the more they will love you.

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