Common Cat Myths Debunked

Do cats really hate water? Are black cats really unlucky? Do cats always land on their feet? These are common myths about cats that have been passed down through generations. How true are these claims though? I am here to give you the real answers to the most common cat myths.

Myth 1: Cats Hate Water

This is true, to a point. If you toss a cat in a tub full of water, you are likely to be welcomed by angry shrieks and an arm covered in scratches. That aside, cats normally do not mind water itself. I’m sure you like to take a swim every so often, but how would you feel if someone picked you up and threw you into a tub?

Cats are generally fascinated by moving water, and there are many cute videos out there of kitties dipping their heads under a running faucet and lapping at the stream of water. It’s pretty cute!

Myth 2: Black Cats Are Unlucky

Did you know that in Japan, it is actually a sign of good luck to have a black cat cross your path? Similarly, in both Scotland and China black cats are a sign of good fortune and prosperity.

Myth 3: Cats Always Land on Their Feet

It is true that cats are agile, but not always. Cats have something called a righting reflex, which helps them land on their feet when they fall from high distances by twisting their bodies mid-air. However, there have been many reported cases of cats jumping out of windows only to land and get broken legs or other serious injuries. This is why it is always best to keep windows closed around indoor cats.

Myth 4: Cats Are Unloving

Cats can actually be extremely loving creatures. The thing is, you must first show your cat that you truly care for it. If you love your cat, your cat will grow to love and respect you too, in its own unique way.

Myth 5: Cats Love to Drink Milk

This is actually a potentially dangerous myth for the health of your cat. Did you know that most adult cats are lactose intolerant? Their bodies are incapable of producing the necessary enzymes to break down lactose. If you give your kitty a bowl of milk every day, it will upset their stomach and cause them discomfort. When in doubt, stick with plain water.

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