Seresto Flea And Tick Collar; The Best Of Them All

It’s a plane! Nope, it is a bird! Nope, it is a super flea lapel! Well perhaps it isn’t a super flea and tick lapel, but compared to the others, it’s quite a better product. If you are still purchasing flea and tick lapels from the local store, you aren’t likely acquiring the flea protection you require. Most of such collars just fend off fleas just in part around the neck. If you peek further back, you’re likely to observe still fleas devouring on your dog. But Seresto is a special flea lapel. It protects your dog’s complete body from such blood-sucking creatures for up to eight months. If you want to read some Seresto Flea Collar Reviews, you are free to go online.

How Does It Work?

Seresto has maintained release technology that gradually discharges active elements over numerous months. Once you apply the collar, active ingredients are moved from it to the hair, and then the skin. They are then dispersed evenly throughout the hair and skin surface.

Active Elements And Their Effects:

It has two different active elements that have activity against ticks and fleas. Flumethrin is the element that fends off and eradicates ticks. It also eliminates a younger stage and the larvae of the tick known as the nymph. Imidacloprid eradicates flea larvae and adult fleas which is significant for flouting the flea life cycle.

Store Bought Vs. Seresto Flea Collars:

  • Kill Ticks And Fleas Extremely Rapidly:

It can eradicate fleas as rapidly as two hours and ticks within six hours. The rate of kill is significant with tick and flea control. You desire a flea departed before it can lay eggs. This stage is frequently within twenty-four hours. Ticks also have to be eradicated in the similar time frame to evade transmission of ailments. Store bought lapels are more likely only to fend off vs. eradicate, and if they do ensue to kill, the procedure is extremely slow.

  • Is Odorless And Leaves No Residue:

Other flea lapels usually have a strong smell and tend to leave a white powder filtrate on the hand.

  • Offers Effective And Long-lasting Protection:

Seresto provides protection for up to eight months killing more than ninety percent of fleas even on the final day. Most other flea lapels just offer up to three months of protection with the proportion of fleas killed over time lessening dramatically.


  • Can save you cash when compared to equivalent tick and flea preventatives like Frontline. The price averages just about seventy-five dollars annually of flea pre-emptive while the alternatives are about twice that.
  • Offers eight months of tick and flea prevention which is extended than any other product available. It is great for the ones who are absentminded. You only put on the lapel, and it will do the remainder.


  • It is a lapel that is just effective as long as your dog carries it. If your dog decides to remove it, then coverage is gone.
  • Might not work as well with breeds with broad coats like Great Pyrenees, or Malamutes.
  • Albeit it is water-resistant, if exposed to water too frequently it can lose up to three months of its period.


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