Keys To Caring For An American Bully

Today we are going to address ourselves to animal lovers, and specifically American Bully dogs. It is a new breed, ideal for those who are looking for a dog with character, but who does not have enough space to have it in their home. There are varieties of the breed, such as the American Bully XXL, or the American Bully Pocket. These are very docile dogs, perfect for companionship, and faithful to their families.

If you have a dog of this breed, or are thinking of having one in the near future, here are some key tips to give him the best care:

  • His fur: This type of dogs has a very short hair that is very easy to handle, since it does not require much care. It is essential to use a special shampoo for dogs when bathing, something that is necessary to do every two or three weeks, depending on the state of the coat. In addition, to avoid having bad odors or irritations on his skin, it is best to dry it in the sun or use a hairdryer. It is very important to dry the wrinkles of the hair and that they are always dry and clean to avoid diseases.
  • Feeding: In early age, you must have 4 feedings (in the morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening), a special food for puppies. After 5 months, the feed intake can be reduced to three (in the morning, at mid-day and in the evening). They should increase the quantities as they are taking intakes.
  • Take it out for a walk: It can only be done after 3 months, or when the vaccines are already in place. It is necessary to make a minimum of two walks a day, having days of intense activity to stimulate his physique and his mind.
  • The nails: It is important to cut the nails, but this is better than a professional veterinarian.

As you can see, taking care of an American Bully is not as complicated as it seems considering all these tips.


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