All About Dog’s Aggression

When dog bites, barks, or lunges, we mostly think that dog is mean. That’s not always true; sometimes, the reality is much more complicated than you think. Many dogs become aggressive due to trauma and childhood. When managing your dog’s aggression, you have to observe everything about your dog, especially the things, objects, places, and people that trigger your dog. When you observe something suspicious for the first time, take quick action. Don’t ignore the signs; otherwise, you can heavily regret it.


Dogs can become aggressive due to many reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons observed in dogs.

·        Fear-based

It is the top reason why your dog is becoming aggressive and biting. Just like humans, dogs can also get scared of certain things. The most common things that trigger such responses from dogs are babies, socializing, bugs, and veterinary visits. To cope with these fears, dogs usually bark, snarl, or lunge so they can get scary things away from them.

·        Territorial

If your dog doesn’t like going near a car, backyard, or certain fence, then he may have territorial aggression. The primary purpose of breeding dogs was to defend the territories of human beings. But with territorial aggression, they can face a lot of trouble. One important thing is that every dog has different boundaries, and you need to understand this.

·        Resource guarding

In this case, your dog loves a certain possession. For that particular thing, your dog is willing to battle. This can be any object, such as a bowl, toy, bed, or favorite person. The best thing is never to touch these things. Otherwise, your dog’s aggressive instincts will be alarmed, and you can face some severe injury.

·        Maternal

Mothers love their children so much, and they can do anything to save them. Dogs are also the same, and mothers do everything to protect them.

·        Play-based

Dogs can become aggressive during their playtime. You may have met a human being that gets aggressive during competitions. It’s the same for dogs, and they get obsessively involved in the play.

·        Inter-dog

These dogs live in the same home but keep on fighting with each other.


Recognizing the signs of aggression in dogs can be somewhat difficult. Most of the time, dogs displaying signs of the aggressor are angry or stressed out. Most dog experts claim that canines are communicating their uneasiness in the form of aggression.


There is no specific medication for aggressive dogs. However, this issue can be resolved with the help of veterinary behavioral professionals. Aggression is not that your dog is not obedient; instead, it’s a behavioral problem. Both things are different and should be treated differently.

There are three parts through which you can treat your dog’s aggression.

·        Managing Environment

Change the exposure of your dog to the triggers. For example dog boarding can be a great idea which helps change the environment for the dog. This can release a lot of stress and anxiety the dog may have developed over the months.

·        Changing Behavior

Change your dog’s thought process about how they feel and think about the trigger.

·        Medication

It can reduce the risks of anxiety and fear

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