Maine Coon

The Maine Coon can sometimes be confused with the Norwegian cat (or Norwegian Forest cat), originally from Scandinavia. But the Maine Coon is American.

It is a robust cat, whose ancestors resisted extreme weather conditions very well. A giant with a soft heart, he is one of the world’s favorite cat breeds!

Origins of the Maine Coon

A short legend about this one: the Maine Coon cat is the result of a cross between a cat and a raccoon! In reality, their ancestors were long-haired European domestic cats that would have emigrated to America with their owners (to the State of Maine).

In the 19th century, the Maine Coon was exhibited at cat shows in the US, but the Persian cat gradually won the hearts of cat lovers. In France, the first Maine Coon specimens did not arrive until the 1980s. The International Feline Federation (FIFe) recognized it then in 1982.

The character of the Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is an easy cat to live with. At home, he is quiet and very sweet. It is said that he lacks any form of aggressiveness. Admittedly, its imposing size can be impressive.

Life by his side flows peacefully. Very affectionate, he only has eyes for his owners, to whom he is very attached. It’s a bit dependent cat! His only flaw is that he is more interested in cuddles and naps than games or physical activities! A cat tower for large cats with a scratching post will make him happy.

Like all big cats, it matures later than others. All in all, a big baby!

Namely: the Maine Coon is sociable. Easily accepts living with other animals in the home. In other words, if your cat will live with a dog, your only concern will be to find scratch marks on your dog’s indoor dog house and cat hairs on its dog cave bed.

The ideal owner for a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon does not need an experienced owner. Prized in the past for its pest-hunting talents, it is now highly prized as a companion animal for families with children.

Whether in a flat or a house, it needs a lot of attention. But he also knows how to patiently wait for his owners to return, which he will reward with loud meows and purrs!

Namely: Maine Coons are said to love water! You may find him playing with the faucet in the sink or basin…

Physical Characteristics of the Maine Coon

The coat of the Maine Coon

It is a cat with semi-long and dense hair. Its tail is covered with long hairs, like a plume.

Distinctive Sign #1: Tufts of fur are between the pads of their big paws!

Size and weight

Hallmark #2: The Maine Coon is the largest of the breed cats (along with the Savannah, specifically). In males, we can find subjects that exceed 10 kg and 120 cm in length! The Maine Coon has powerful muscles and a broad chest.

The head of the Maine Coon

It has a rather medium-sized, rounded head with a square muzzle. His eyes are slightly almond-shaped.

Distinctive Sign #3: Their ears are prolonged with tufts of hair shaped like feather dusters, just like a lynx!

Maintenance of the Maine Coon

 Maine Coon grooming

The good news is that the undercoat is not very dense. This means that their coat is easy to care for, despite its length. There is little knot formation. However, regular brushing is still recommended.

We must monitor the appearance of dental plaque and tartar. In his case, he thinks about informing you about the need to eliminate them.

By purchasing a cat scratcher house, you can create a stylish space for this beautiful cat to care for its nails.

Maine Coon feeding

It is an easy cat that can eat anything: meat or fish integrated into a complete and balanced ration, croquettes (of good quality). Ask your veterinarian for the ideal ration adapted to your cat’s lifestyle.

Diseases of the Maine Coon: falls with fracture

The Maine Coon is a strong cat but can be injured when hunting or bitten by another animal. Falls can often lead to a broken leg or being bitten by another animal.

In case of a veterinary emergency, contact SantéVet! You have access to a telephone support line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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